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If hunting for elusive business and first class award space for you and your family or friends isn’t your idea of fun, you’re going to love having it delivered right to you.

Luxury Travel

If you want to fly international business or first class, this newsletter is for you. We focus exclusively on finding comfortable (and often luxurious) options to fly to Europe, Asia, Australia and more.

Multiple Seats

Solo travel is fun but sometimes you want to take a friend, significant other or even your whole family. We find opportunities to book business and first class for at minimum 2 people and more commonly 4+ people.

Specific Dates

We don’t tell you “tons of award space in 2020.” We tell you the exact dates that have seats available to be booked with miles and points.

No Surprises

Flying business class to Europe is great, but carrier-imposed surcharges of $500+ might not be your thing. We let you know upfront how to book and avoid surcharges if at all possible.

No Confusion

We share the best ways to book award seats based on the points required, the surcharges and step-by-step booking instructions so you can book the tickets without breaking a sweat.

Qantas First Class to Melbourne

I’ve been putting off visiting Australia for years. Thanks to Spencer’s Award Alerts, we were able to fly in Qantas first class to Melbourne and enjoy an incredible roadtrip through Australia.


Becky Pokora
Sight Doing

Sample Award Alerts

Some of the recent award alerts that we've sent out to our members.

Qantas First Class to Australia

It’s rare to find 2 award seats in first class on Qantas to book with American or Alaska miles. In this edition of the Award Alerts Newsletter, we found just that and over 30 seats were booked by subscribers. It’s tough to beat Qantas first class if you’re flying from the US to Australia.

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TAP Air Portugal Business Class to Portugal

Finding 4 business class seats to Europe makes traveling with friends or family even better, especially when you know you’re on your way to an amazing country like Portugal. With TAP Air Portugal coming out with a new and improved business class product, this was the time to book.

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Cathay Pacific Business Class To Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an amazing place to visit for the food or great views from Victoria Peak. Making the long flight from the states makes getting some rest so much easier. With Alaska Mileage Plan or Asia Miles, you could even include a stopover in Hong Kong on the way to another fun destination.

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