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About Straight To The Points

If you're anything like me, you're excited to travel but would rather not cram yourself into a hard, narrow economy class seat on a flight across the Atlantic or Pacific. Honestly, who could blame you? Being packed in like sardines and being tossed a cheap meal isn't a fun way to start or end an amazing trip.

However, even if you can earn all the points necessary to book business or first class across the world, you still have to find award space. While you can often book economy seats with miles, it isn’t always easy to book premium cabin award space.

In August 2018, I set out to make that easier for families and friends who wanted to fly business or first class but were sick and tired of struggling to find the necessary award seats. Thus, the Award Alerts Newsletter was launched.

Since then, I’ve built an Instagram community of travel enthusiasts and created a Quick Start Guide to help people learn how to use points to travel.

Additionally, I book hotels via luxury hotel booking programs for clients to add perks to hotel stays and offer one-on-one points strategy consulting services.

My goal in this is simple: Help as many people as possible enjoy the excitement of luxury travel.

About Spencer Howard

I first found points and miles while trying to figure out book international business class flights so I could have some room to stretch out. I’m 6’3” so space is important to me!

After going down the rabbit hole to learn everything I could about credit cards and airline loyalty programs, I wrote for several points sites including One Mile At A Time and God Save The Points.

Now, I help people learn how to use points to travel with a focus on business and first class flights.

What Are Award Alerts?

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