About Straight to the Points

If you’re anything like me, you’re excited to travel but would rather not cram yourself into a hard, narrow economy class seat on a flight across the Atlantic or Pacific.

Honestly, who could blame you? Being packed in like sardines and being tossed a cheap meal isn’t a fun way to start or end an amazing trip.

That’s where miles and points come into play.

Unfortunately, even if you can earn all the points necessary to book business or first class across the world, you still have to find award space. While you can often book economy seats with miles, the world of premium cabin award space isn’t quite so easy.

This is only more of a struggle if you want to find multiple seats so you and your family or friends can join you up front. Personally, I’d much rather sip champagne and enjoy a lie-flat seat when I fly overseas — well, really, anywhere I fly.

About Spencer Howard

I’m Spencer, the founder of Straight To The Points. I help busy professionals book international business and first class flights for themselves, family and friends.

In August 2018, I set out to make that easier for families and friends who wanted to fly business or first class but were sick and tired of struggling to find the necessary award seats. Thus, the Award Alerts Newsletter was launched.

To date, private newsletter members have booked some amazing flights including:

Qantas First Class to Australia

“I’ve been putting off visiting Australia for years. Thanks to Spencer’s Award Alerts, we were able to fly in Qantas first class to Melbourne and enjoy an incredible roadtrip through Australia.”

Becky Pokora
Sight Doing

ANA First Class to Japan

“My wife and I booked ANA first class round-trip from the west coast after seeing an email award alert from Spencer. I followed the steps verbatim and had the tickets on hold within 10 minutes with Virgin Atlantic.”

Kaivlya Y

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Finding one award seat on any of these flights would be a treat — I’ve flown them solo, myself — but finding 2, 4 or even 8 seats is where the fun really begins.

So, if you think the travel fun should start as soon as you step on the plane, join my Award Alerts Newsletter so you don’t miss the next great award booking opportunity.