Plastiq has long been the go-to way to pay rent with a credit card to earn miles and points. RoomiPay recently jumped into the game to provide a little competition for Plastiq, but we haven’t seen many other options. That’s where Cirtru (Circles of Trust) comes into play.

On Cirtru, professionals and students can search for rooms or apartments to rent that have been listed on the site. To list or rent, Cirtru requires you to have a university or company email address to verify you as a professional or student.

 Straight To The Points is now officially a circle of trust.
Straight To The Points is now officially a circle of trust.

If your company or university isn’t listed, you can start with your personal email address then enter your professional or university email address under your account settings. Cirtru will then email you once your company or university has been added as a circle of trust.

Straight To The Points is now one of those circles. I’ve hit the big time, folks.

Now, I know what you’re waiting to hear… How do we pay rent with a credit card so we can earn all the miles and points?!

Unlike Plastiq and RoomiPay, Cirtru is not a bill pay service or even a way to pay rent to any landlord. Cirtru requires both the tenant and the landlord/room-providers to be in the Cirtru system which means an apartment or room must be listed on Cirtru for you to pay rent via credit card.

 Get your landlord to sign up so you can start earning miles and points.
Get your landlord to sign up so you can start earning miles and points.

In my emails with them, they told me that this was to prevent system abuse. On top of that, landlords/room-providers must also sign up to receive payments via Stripe. Until they do that, you will not be able to pay rent with a credit card. Additionally, Cirtru will provide 1099K forms to landlords/room-providers who receive over $20,000 in payments through the system.

Clearly, there are a lot of pieces that must fall into place for you to earn miles and points. If this comes together, you can pay rent fee-free for a limited time. This is similar to RoomiPay which offers the first 75 people who pay rent each month fee-free rent payments with a credit card.

Cirtru states on their site that fee-free payments are for a limited time. My guess is that they are running this promotion as a way to get more users on the site and, once they have done so, they’ll add a fee to make the offering more sustainable.

As I have not used Cirtru before, I don’t know how payments will code when you pay via credit card—from what I’ve heard, they won’t code as a cash advance (yay!). If you’re trying to earn a sign-up bonus on a new credit card, knocking out a minimum spend should be your first choice. If you don’t have a new credit card, the Blue Business Plus from American Express is an easy way to guarantee 2X points (assuming you haven’t hit the annual $50,000 spend cap on 2X earning).

Obviously, security and reliability are key and I can’t speak to those points yet. If you have any experience using Cirtru to pay rent, please share in the comments.

Big thanks to Lisa for sharing this new avenue for rent payments via credit card.

Photo by Nichlas Andersen on Unsplash

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