Sometimes I have moments that remind me why miles and points really are the best way to see the world. I got an email from Delta about their Australia Getaway “sale”. Here are their cheapest round-trip options from Boston and Los Angeles to Sydney in economy and business class.

(Other major U.S. cities had similar prices)

I’m left with one thought…


I’ll show you a sale.

I booked an 18-day trip AROUND THE WORLD with stops in the U.A.E. (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), Singapore, and southern Malaysia.

Total cost? $917.

Not only was my trip $633 cheaper than my cheapest option in Delta’s Australian Getaway “sale” (never mind whatever they think they are doing with their business class fares), but I will see 4 countries, at least 6 cities, and my flights are on three of the highest rated airlines in the world.

That’s not just a sale, that’s an EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME.

Here’s a handy chart I made to really put this in perspective.

(All in, this flight cost a whopping $19.50)

Miles/Points for the WIN!!!

And you know what the best part is?


What’s your experience with airfare sales? How does purchasing flights leave you feeling?

See you in the sky!

*Featured image courtesy of Delta

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