It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of using RoomiPay to pay rent with a credit card. While they’ve had some growing pains, they seem to be moving quickly to build a reliable way to pay rent with a credit card and earn tons of miles and points.

Each month, they offer 50 fee-free slots to pay rent with no fee. Today, I’ve partnered with RoomiPay to offer 20 readers of Straight To The Points fee-free rent payments. Additionally, 20 more readers can pay rent with a 2%—the standard fee is 2.5% just like Plastiq.

To get one of these fee-free or 2% slots, you must be on my email list which I will email at 2pm ET on Wednesday, April 18. Sign up below so you can one of the fee-free or reduced-fee slots!

If you’re new to RoomiPay, check out my complete guide to using the service to see the step-by-step process and how you can earn the maximum points when paying rent.

One thing to remember is that this month, Roomi has moved to an ACH-only payment method rather than allowing you to pay rent with a check. While you can still use a credit card to earn points, I hope they will bring back both options for those with landlords who only accept check payments.

In the meantime, if you can pay your rent via ACH, then this is the deal for you. It’s a great way to hit a minimum spend or even just earn some valuable points.

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