Frustrating news from RoomiPay, today. I heard a rumor from MilesTalk about changes possibly being made to how RoomiPay will make rent payments this month. I then confirmed the rumor with Roomi’s leadership.

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While you will still be able to pay your rent via credit card, they will now only submit ACH payments to your landlord.

If you live in an apartment complex, this might not affect you too much. In fact, you can continue to pay your rent with a credit card as usual if you have access to the necessary ACH info. However, those who pay rent to an individual and don’t have ACH info, this could effectively ruin RoomiPay.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable asking someone for their ACH info so I could send them rent. I imagine landlords would be less than thrilled with the idea of giving tenants that info.

One underrated aspect of RoomiPay has been the ability to schedule your rent to be delivered. This might not seem like much of a benefit but many of us in the miles and points community travel a decent bit. I love being able to have a check cut on my behalf both for the points and so I don’t have to figure out check delivery while I’m traveling.

Now, Roomi isn’t set on sticking with this ACH-only policy going forward so I recommend reaching out to them if you’d like to continue to have the option to pay rent via check with RoomiPay. I’ve found their Twitter team to be quite responsive to DMs. You can reach them at @roomiapp.

I wish they’d announced this immediately following last month’s round of rent payments to give everyone a chance to figure out their next steps. Obviously, rent is a large expense for most people and we need to be able to count on RoomiPay’s service to be as expected.

Going forward, I hope we can get some consistency from them. I’ve already seen a few issues with timely check deliveries but I think they’ve handled those missteps quite well, all things considered.

I still remember Plastiq’s stumbles a few years ago so hopefully this nothing more than growing pains from a startup trying to provide a new service.

If you’re planning on using RoomiPay this month, I’d start figuring out if you can get the necessary ACH info. Remember, RoomiPay offers the fee-free payments for a limited number of people each month then reduced-fee payments for more users. Here’s the exact breakdown:

  • First 50 people: No fee
  • Next 150 people: 2% fee (better than Plastiq)
  • Next 100 people: 2.5% fee (same as Plastiq)
  • Everyone else: 3% fee (worse than Plastiq) until the 22nd of the month

If I hear anything else about what you can expect from RoomiPay, I’ll get an update posted quickly.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think about the change. Will you continue to use RoomiPay without the option to pay by check?