In December, Singapore Airlines announced new fare types that included what amounts to a Basic Economy fare. Those who book these fares will receive less than the standard economy “perks” starting January 20 of this year. Singapore Airlines also announced changes to fees for award changes and made changes to seat selection and upgrade policies.

If the unbundling of economy fares weren’t enough, Singapore Air announced that they would be tacking on a 1.3% fee to use a credit card when purchasing one of these Economy Lite fares with the fee capped at S$50. Considering credit card surcharges aren’t standard practice in Singapore, this was a nice slap in the face for customers.

Well, just about as quickly as the fees were announced Singapore Airlines has already backtracked and decided not to impose this credit card surcharge. Singapore Air had planned to impose the fee on itineraries originating in Singapore so its no surprise that there was quite the backlash from Singaporeans who felt this fee was completely unjustified.

Singapore Airlines’ actions don’t surprise me as it seems all airlines think the best way to be profitable is to cut, cut, cut. While each country has different protections in place for consumers, I’d love to see intense pushback on American carriers who seem to think they can get away with anything.

I’m not giving them kudos for undoing something they should have done in the first place. Hopefully, no one else is applauding them for being reasonable, but only after catching flak for the move. Let’s be honest, if they could have gotten away with it without public outcry (or even an acceptable amount, they would have done so in a heartbeat.

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