This is particularly useful for those in the UK and Europe, but could be very useful to those in the US too. We’re seeing business class flights on Star Alliance partners as low as $795 from Nice to San Francisco and flights from Munich at less than $875.

  Here's an example of booking at $885 .
Here’s an example of booking at $885 .

If you are looking for a flight from Europe to the states, this might be just what you want. I’ve seen travel dates as early as September 2017 and as late as April 2018. I’m even seeing flights from Munich right after Oktoberfest for those will be visiting for the festivities.

There are flights available on Swiss Air, Lufthansa, United, Air Canada, and more. If you can find flights on Swiss Air or Austrian Airlines, I’d strongly suggest you book with them. Swiss has a solid business class seat and Austrian Airlines has amazing catering from DO&CO.

To give yourself the best chance of the ticket being honored by the airline, book directly with the airline if at all possible. Remember the crazy ANA business class deal? Booking with the airline was the key to getting these tickets honored.

Now, go have some fun booking one of these!