Hotel Booking Request

When booking paid hotel stays, there are tons of perks available via preferred partner booking programs. From food and beverage credits to room upgrades to complimentary breakfast, we can unlock some amazing perks for your next paid stay. Here are just a few of the many programs available:

  • Hyatt Privé
  • Hilton Impresario
  • Marriott STARS
  • Marriott Luminous
  • IHG Luxury & Lifestyle
  • Four Seasons Preferred Partner
  • Mandarin Oriental Fan Club
  • Shangri-La Luxury Circle
  • Virtuoso
  • and more!

As these are direct bookings, you’ll receive your elite status perks on top of the preferred booking program perks plus earn hotel points and elite night credits. Please keep in mind that the perks offered vary by property.

In most cases, these programs book the Best Available Rate, sometimes referred to as the Standard Rate. These programs rarely book member or non-refundable rates. Please check the rate to confirm it works for you before submitting a request. Please remember that these programs are not available for stays booked with points.

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