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How does it work?

We constantly search for premium award availability and flight deals to popular international destinations. This enables us to consistently alert you of premium cabin award availability and/or fare sales multiple times weekly. Once we have found a deal, we email you the pertinent information in a nicely packed Award Alert Newsletter!

Frequently Asked Questions

STTP Award Alerts are curated by our team, resulting from exhaustive research into long-haul, premium cabin availability — primarily from North America — to popular destinations around the world.

While this service does not allow our members to setup "alerts", we do collect extensive data from our members on their home airports, desired destinations and "bucket list" airlines. We use this data to concentrate our searches on the feedback from our STTP Premium members.

Furthermore, our STTP Premium Members have access to our searchable, online archive of previous award alerts.

As you might know, everyone is beholden to the airlines releasing award space. Trust us, we are always searching!

Typically, you can expect 3-4 Premium Award Alerts in a week, though this might vary depending on award space that we find.

Absolutely! We keep an eye on award alerts as well as great cash deals.

We also give you the details on the best ways to book, whether that's cash or using travel portals to use points to book.

Since our primary audience does reside in North America, our efforts concentrate on flights departing from North America.

However, if we find some "bucket list" award availability originating outside of North America, we definitely send those alerts to our audience!

As a Premium Member, you have a referral code that you can share with your friends, family and social media. For every person that registers for the STTP Premium (Annual) plan, you will receive $10!

Login to your account to view your unique referral link.

Payouts are quarterly, and you can track your successful referrals from your STTP Account portal.

See What People Are Saying!

“You guys are great! I used Spencer's trick for upgrading Emirates business class tickets to first class at the Milan airport when flying back from Europe last month. Since multiple first class seats were open, I was able to use 30,000 Emirates miles (transferred from Amex) per person for my party of 3. We all got first class and it was a blast!”
Steve B, Premium Member

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